Ready to SMS Web Service API

One of the most requested features that we have had is to give you the ability to connect to Ready To SMS through an API (Application Programming Interface). Now you can connect your business through a web service directly to Ready To SMS to make it even easier to schedule and send your messages.

If you are wondering what this is all about don't worry, it's not all that complicated. Web services allow computer programs to communicate with each other easily over the internet. This means you can integrate sending text messages through Ready to SMS into almost any other computer program. For instance, you may want to be able to send message straight from your customer management system or your accounts software.

You will however need software developers to do the integration work, or in other words tell your programs how to communicate with us, for you. So if you have access to people who can do this work speak to them about using this as it may make sending messages much easier for you.

If you want a techincal explanation on how this service works you can download our API documention here.