Micorosft Outlook 2007 Mobile Service

You can now link your Ready to SMS account to Microsoft Outlook 2007 allowing you to use your credits to send text messages straight from Outlook. The cost per message is the same and it is free to setup.

To link this service to Microsoft Outlook 2007, simply login, or register first if you havn't already, and go to your Account Settings and click on "Configure sending from Microsoft Outlook 2007".

Account Settings

On the "Outlook Settings" screen you can configure your Microsoft Outlook 2007 Text Message account by clicking on the link as shown below.

Outlook Settings

You will then be presented with this dialog box asking you if you want to add an account to the displayed web service.

Outlook Dialog

By agreeing to the above Dialog box another Microsoft Outlook 2007 window will appear.

Outlook Account

On this screen you must enter your Ready to SMS password to complete the setup. To test that everything is working correctly press the "Test Account Settings" button. You can also view some of the settings by pressing the "More Settings" button. However, you cannot change any of the settings here. All changes to your account must be made from this website under your "Account Settings" page.

You will now be ready to start sending text messages from Microsoft Outlook 2007. File -> New -> Text Message.