Why should I use web SMS?

Web SMS can hold huge benefits, depending on your reasons for using it. For the individual user, the benefits are not as enormous, but still significant. For one thing, web SMS offers the possibility of total anonymity. If you don’t identify yourself in a web SMS message, the recipient has no way of knowing it’s you. The other benefit for individual users, which also applies to business users, is the fact that it is usually cheaper to send web SMS than it is to send SMS from a cell phone.

Business users can reap huge benefits from using web SMS as part of their marketing campaign, particularly if their products or services are aimed at the sixteen to thirty-five age bracket, the section of society most likely to be all but surgically attached to their cell phones. The most frustrating thing about marketing is that you often don’t know if your efforts have actually reached anyone in your target market until they actually get in touch with you. This means that you have no way of knowing whether or not your marketing was well targeted until it actually shows results. However, with web SMS you can know when each individual received your message and you can know if that person was the right person to target.

How? Well, web SMS allows you to send thousands of SMS messages at once, or rather the same SMS message to thousands of people at once. Because this means you must have their individual cell phone numbers, not only can you track whether or not they received the message, through delivery reports, but you can also track whether each individual was appropriately targeted by whether or not that number sends a message back or calls in. This means that your marketing analysis can be far more accurate than ever before, and certainly far more accurate when using this promotional medium than when using any other. Being able to track the success of your marketing is extremely important, since you need to be able to justify the expense of your efforts.

Which brings me to another point. Web SMS is probably one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, promotional media in existence. You can send out a vast number of web SMS messages for a fraction of the cost of sending them from a cell phone, and far quicker as well. You can send a web SMS message to thousands of recipients simultaneously rather than having to send each message individually, which would take a ridiculous amount of time. This simultaneous aspect of web SMS promotion means that you can run very short term promotions, offers and discounts, knowing that by far the majority of your targeted recipients will receive the message immediately and be encouraged by the close deadline to respond as soon as possible. Web SMS is truly a fantastic marketing tool and can quite possibly not be equaled by any other promotional media. You would need thousands of people in order to make thousands of phone calls simultaneously and sending a thousand emails simultaneously would crash your server for hours.

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