Why send SMS from web sites?

When you send SMS from web sites you may not realize all the benefits that this course of action can bring you. If you just send the odd message that is one thing, but the real benefits lie with business users. Just think, an SMS message, whether it’s SMS from web sites or from your cell phone, is usually delivered more or less simultaneously. If you are a personal user, sending SMS from web sites, this is great. It means you can organize meeting up tonight without having to make a phone call, which can be handy sometimes. But for business users, sending SMS from web sites opens up a whole realm of marketing possibilities which would not be possible with any other promotional medium.

SMS from web sites work in exactly the same way as SMS from your cell phone. The message is sent and then stored before being sent on to the recipient’s phone. This means that the message is not lost if the phone is switched off. It is simply left in storage, usually for up to seventy-two hours, before being forwarded on to the recipient. SMS from web sites works in exactly the same way, except that it usually costs a lot less to send SMS from web sites than it does to send SMS from your cell phone.

Business users can exploit the possibilities of sending SMS from web sites to their great benefit when it comes to promotional offers, especially short term promotions. Since SMS is usually received immediately, given the availability of a network and the cell unit being switched on, you can actually send the same SMS from web sites to thousands of recipients at the same time, which enables you to run very short term promotions, possibly only as long as a few minutes. The closer the deadline, the more likely the recipient is to respond, so if they know they have to call or send an SMS back within fifteen minutes, they are more likely to than if they have three days.

Another benefit of sending promotional SMS from web sites is that you benefit from the forwarding effect which creates a kind of viral form of marketing. If someone receives your SMS and it is of interest to them they will probably respond. However, if they think it is of interest to someone else, they will probably forward it to that person, effectively doing your marketing for you and paying for it themselves! That means that you will benefit from that recommendation without having it cost you a penny.

Sending SMS from web sites is also extremely cheap when compared to the price of sending SMS from a cell phone. While it is very useful and cheap sometimes for an individual to send SMS from web sites instead of from their cell, the function really comes into its own for business users who are aiming at the sixteen to thirty-five age bracket, the people most likely to have their cell phone permanently with them. For these users, sending promotional SMS messages can be the most cost effective form of marketing available.

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