Did You Know You Could Send SMS Online?

It can be really frustrating when you don't have a signal on your cell phone but yet you want to send a message to somebody. It can be even more frustrating when you don't have the necessary credit on your cell phone to send such a message. There is a way that you can send a text message which doesn’t rely on a cell phone having a signal and is much cheaper. That is by choosing to send SMS online.

When you send SMS online you will be using a PC or laptop, accessing and online SMS account, creating an SMS message and then sending it to whomever you want. You can send online SMS to people anywhere in the world and all for one set fee per text message. Businesses will find that this cost is even cheaper as they will be using their online account to send SMS online messages to thousands of people at the same time. As you can see sending SMS messages online is a fantastic way of keeping in touch without having to rely on your cell phone to send messages from. Something that is very useful if you are in an area that does not have a cell phone signal or if your cell phone is not charged or if you do not have the necessary credit on your cell phone.

In other words using an online provider to send SMS online is the next step in sending text messages using the Internet in the same time it would take to send a regular text message. Many people are still not aware that they are unable to send SMS online, should they want to. They believe that it is still something that only businesses do and that individual users would be better off staying with their cell phone. Believe it or not many people would actually stand to make a substantial saving on their cell phone bill if they switched to an online provider and started to send SMS online Internet using a cell phone to send their text messages.

To get an idea of how much it would cost you if you started to send SMS online you can easily check out the various pricing plans that are available by visiting providers websites. There you'll be able to get a rundown on the different pricing plans and should be able to decide if switching and sending SMS online would be more cost-effective to you in your situation. Small businesses can make massive savings when they send SMS online as they can reach more customers than ever before and yet not have to spend as much money as previously to do so. There are so many advantages of sending text messages online, so if you are someone (or a business) who regularly sends text messages you should think about how much time and money you could stand to save when you send SMS online to your family to your friends and your business acquaintances.

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