Benefits of Using Online SMS

Online SMS (short messaging system) is a way that anyone can send a text message to a cell phone using the internet. This is done using an SMS provider online and the sender can create and send an online SMS without having to use a cell phone themselves, everything is done from the senders end using a PC. So what are the benefits of using online SMS?

  • SMS messages are sent instantly – there is no waiting involved as there is with sending postal information to customers ( in the case of businesses) or to friends (in the case of personal online SMS users). This means that messages that are time sensitive can be delivered using this method as they will be received almost instantly by it’s recipients.
  • Using online SMS is easy to access – simply go to your online SMS providers website and log into your account. From there new SMS messages can be created and old messages can be viewed at any time of the day or night.
  • Many of the online SMS providers will offer different features as standard in their different SMS packages. These can include reports so that businesses can see how many of their messages were successfully delivered, how many people replied back to a particular message that was sent out, when messages have bounced back or not and whether they have been successfully delivered and so on. Using reports like these can help a marketing department of a business to see which of their SMS campaigns was the most successful and seeing which numbers bounce back enables them to maintain an SMS list. Both of which boost productivity and increase revenue for the business.
  • Sending online SMS messages works out much cheaper than sending out ‘normal’ text messages which are charged for on a per message rate usually. Many of the SMS providers have varying rates for different SMS packages which can be dependant on the kind of usage that an individual or business plans to use. In fact for a great deal of businesses, sending out SMS messages is cheaper than the other forms of customer contact that they have previously used such as telephoning customers or directly mailing to them.
  • Using online SMS messages does not take much time. After all writing an SMS message and then sending it out to a mailing list can take less than ten minutes to complete, much faster than arranging for a mail out or employing people to work on a dialler to contact customers.
  • Anyone is able to use online SMS, there are no restrictions and the service is not just for businesses, individuals can use online SMS for personal use it can be highly effective for them to speak to friends and family.

In other words there are so many benefits of using online SMS that it is no wonder that so many businesses and individuals are using it to communicate to people from all over the world in minutes.

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